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The bird feeders at the nature centre attract both birds and photographers. Here are some images taken by park staff and visitors.




Birds of Ojibway

(click on image to enlarge to full size)

photo of male Northern Cardinal photo of female Red-bellied Woodpecker photo of Red-bellied Woodpecker
male Northern Cardinal
© Tom Preney
female Red-bellied Woodpecker
© Tom Preney
male Red-bellied Woodpecker
© Tom Preney
Eastern Screech-Owl, Jan 12 2006 Tufted Titmouse, Dec 15 2005 Blue Jay, Dec 15 2005
Eastern Screech-Owl
© Russ Jones
Tufted Titmouse
© Russ Jones
Blue Jay
© Russ Jones
photo of male Cardinal in Winter Tufted Titmouse, Nov 11 2005 Fox Sparrow, Dec 01 2005
female Northern Cardinal
© Tom Preney
Tufted Titmouse
© Russ Jones
Fox Sparrow
© Russ Jones
female Purple Finch, Nov 11 2005 female House Finch male House Finch, Nov 10 2005
female Purple Finch
© Russ Jones
female House Finch
© Tom Preney
male House Finch
© Russ Jones
Pine Siskin, Nov 12 2005 photo of Chickadee photo of House Sparrow
Pine Siskin
© Russ Jones
Black-capped Chickadee
© Ray Akey
male House Sparrow
© Ray Akey
Golden-crowned Kinglet, April 2006 Great Horned Owl, April 2007 Belted Kingfisher  
Golden-crowned Kinglet
© Ray Akey
male Great Horned Owl, April 19, 2007
© Art Rae
female Belted Kingfisher, Ojibway Park
© Jerry Pollard
Bald Eagle, 2008 Great Egret image    
Bald Eagle, 2008
© Shane Butnari
Great Egret, Ojibway Park 2008
© Gerry Pollard

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