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1999 Butterfly Count
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Buckeye butterfly 


2000 Windsor Butterfly Count

In 2000 twenty-five participants found 1,195 butterflies of 50 species. The Ojibway Prairie Complex received the majority of coverage. Paul Pratt led at Spring Garden Prairie ANSI. Russ Jones led in Ojibway and Tallgrass Prairie Parks. Betty Learmouth searched the Chrysler Canada Greenway while Jeff Larson covered the LaSalle Woodlot ESA, Black Oak Heritage Park and portions of Spring Garden. David D'hondt visited the Little River area. The count was hosted by the Ojibway Nature Centre, Windsor Parks & Recreation. The Friends of Ojibway Prairie sponsored a picnic lunch which was provided by Deb Waugh.

Flight seasons for most species appeared to be normal or slightly advanced this year. The count day was very cloudy with only an hour or so of sunshine in the afternoon which reduced count totals significantly. 65 species have been recorded over the past seven butterfly counts.  


In 1999 66 counts were held in Canada and 321 counts in the rest of North America. Windsor reported the highest total for Canada with 56 species. Windsor also recorded the highest count (16) for Duke's Skipper in North America. Click here for the 1999 results.

2000 NABC Participants:

Patricia Broad, Margaret Calder, Clarence Calder, Heather Anne Campbell, Paul Desjardins, David D’hondt, Kristen Fawdry, Scott Gillingwater, Barbara Hayes, Merv Hayes, June Hurley, Tom Hurst, Russ Jones, Jeff Larson, Betty Learmouth, Emily Pancheshan, Nancy Pancheshan, Paul Pratt, Andy Simko, Laura Southcott, Linda Tucker, Janet Tuite, Deb Waugh.


RESULTS for July 8, 2000

PAPILIONIDAE: Swallowtails

  • BLACK SWALLOWTAIL Papilio polyxenus asterius    8
  • EASTERN TIGER SWALLOWTAIL Papilio glaucus    11
PIERIDAE: Whites and Sulphurs
  • CABBAGE BUTTERFLY Pieris rapae    116
  • CLOUDED SULPHUR Colias philodice    12
  • ORANGE SULPHUR (ALFALFA BUTTERFLY) Colias eurytheme    48
LYCAENIDAE: Hairstreaks and Blues
  • BRONZE COPPER Lycaena hyllus    1
  • CORAL HAIRSTREAK Satyrium titus    3
  • ACADIAN HAIRSTREAK Satyrium acadica    15
  • EDWARDS' HAIRSTREAK Satyrium edwardsii     11
  • BANDED HAIRSTREAK Satyrium calanus falacer    6
  • STRIPED HAIRSTREAK Satyrium liparops    1
  • hairstreak species Satyrium sp.    1
  • EASTERN TAILED-BLUE Everes c. comyntas    29
  • SUMMER AZURE Celastrina neglecta    29
  • GREAT SPANGLED FRITILLARY Speyeria c. cybele    56
  • SILVERY CHECKERSPOT Chlosyne nycteis nycteis    1
  • PEARL CRESCENT Phyciodes tharos    17
  • NORTHERN PEARL CRESCENT Phyciodes cocyta    8
  • crescent species Phycoides sp.    4
  • QUESTION MARK Polygonia interrogationis    3
  • EASTERN COMMA Polygonia comma    1
  • MOURNING CLOAK Nymphalis a. antiopa    1
  • AMERICAN PAINTED LADY Vanessa virginiensis    7
  • RED ADMIRAL Vanessa atalanta rubria    10
  • COMMON BUCKEYE Junonia coenia    4 (record high)
  • RED-SPOTTED PURPLE Limenitis arthemis    (count period only)
  • VICEROY Limenitis a. archippus    6
  • NORTHERN PEARLY EYE Lethe anthedon    13
  • EYED BROWN Lethe e.eurydice    12
  • APPALACHIAN EYED BROWN Lethe appalachia    10
  • eyed brown species     2
  • LITTLE WOOD SATYR Megisto cymela    138
  • COMMON WOOD NYMPH Cercyonis pegala    148
  • MONARCH Danaus plexippus    5
  • SILVER-SPOTTED SKIPPER Epargyreus clarus    61
  • SOUTHERN CLOUDY WING Achalarus lyciades    6
  • NORTHERN CLOUDY WING Thorybes pylades    4
  • WILD INDIGO DUSKYWING Erynnis baptisiae    84
  • COMMON SOOTY WING Pholisora catullus    7
  • LEAST SKIPPER Ancyloxypha numitor    1
  • EUROPEAN SKIPPER Thymelicus lineola    18 (near end of season)
  • TAWNY-EDGED SKIPPER Polites themistocles    1
  • CROSSLINE SKIPPER Polites origenes    18 (record high)
  • LONG DASH Polites m. mystic    6
  • NORTHERN BROKEN DASH Wallengrenia egeremet    108
  • LITTLE GLASSY WING Pompeius verna    41 (record high)
  • DELAWARE SKIPPER Atrytone l. logan    34
  • MULBERRY WING SKIPPER Poanes massasoit    9
  • HOBOMOK SKIPPER Poanes hobomok    2 (near end of season)
  • BROAD_WINGED SKIPPER Euphyes viator    2
  • DION SKIPPER Euphyes dion    3
  • DUKE'S SKIPPER Euphyes dukesi    3
  • BLACK DASH Euphyes c. conspicua    5
  • DUN SKIPPER Euphyes vestris    9
  • skipper species     36

A Wild Indigo Duskywing was observed ovipositing on crown vetch. This species has increased in numbers as crown vetch has become more common and widespread. Caterpillars found during the count included two Monarchs on butterfly milkweed, two Eastern Black Swallowtails on wild carrot and one Viceroy on willow.

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