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1997 Butterfly Count

Twenty-eight participants enjoyed a day of butterflying on Saturday, July 5, 1997. The Ojibway Prairie Complex received the majority of coverage. David D'hondt and Paul Pratt covered the Spring Garden Prairie ANSI, Karen Cedar led in Ojibway and Tallgrass Prairie Parks, Brenda and Ben Kulon at Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve, and Jeff Larson and Maurice Bottes at Black Oak Heritage Park, and LaSalle Woodlot ESA. David and Fox D'hondt, Candace Newman, and Jim McCoy covered McGregor Sewage Lagoons, Canard River Conservation Area, and McCauliffe Woods Conservation Area. The count was hosted by the Ojibway Nature Centre, Windsor Parks & Recreation. The Friends of Ojibway Prairie provided a picnic lunch for all participants.

In 1996 twenty-eight counts were held in Canada and 301 counts in North America. Windsor reported the highest total for Canada and was 9th overall with 56 species. We also recorded the highest count for hickory hairstreak in North America. This year 25 participants logged 30.5 party-hours to record 2,821 butterflies of 50 species.

1997 NABC Participants:

Maurice Bottes, Karen Cedar, Gerry Clements, Cathy Crowell, Paul Desjardins, David D'hondt, Fox D'hondt , Ryan Giroux, Brett Groves, June Hurley, Russell Jones, Muriel Kasimatis, Ben Kulon, Brenda Kulon, Jeff Larson, Kathy Lesperance, Jim McCoy, Vicki McKay, Ron Morneau, Candace Newman, Larry Onysko, Paul Pratt, Andy Simko, Elaine Sinnott, Thelma Walker. Deb Waugh catered lunch.

RESULTS for July 5, 1997

PAPILIONIDAE: Swallowtails

  • BLACK SWALLOWTAIL Papilio polyxenus asterius 24
  • GIANT SWALLOWTAIL Papilio cresphontes 3
  • TIGER SWALLOWTAIL Papilio glaucus 23
PIERIDAE: Whites and Sulphurs
  • CABBAGE BUTTERFLY Pieris rapae 316
  • CLOUDED SULPHUR Colias philodice 74
  • ALFALFA BUTTERFLY Colias eurytheme 67
LYCAENIDAE: Hairstreaks and Blues
  • BRONZE COPPER Lycaena hyllus 1
  • CORAL HAIRSTREAK Satyrium titus 3
  • EDWARDS' HAIRSTREAK Satyrium edwardsii 1
  • BANDED HAIRSTREAK Satyrium calanus falacer 12
  • HICKORY HAIRSTREAK Satyrium caryaevorum 2
  • EASTERN TAILED BLUE Everes c. comyntas 2
  • SPRING AZURE Celastrina argiolus 2
  • GREAT SPANGLED FRITILLARY Speyeria c. cybele 29
  • MEADOW FRITILLARY Boloria bellona toddi 11
  • SILVERY CHECKERSPOT Chlosyne nycteis nycteis 217
  • PEARL CRESCENT Phyciodes tharos 47
  • NORTHERN PEARL CRESCENT Phyciodes selenis 68
  • crescent species Phycoides sp. 19
  • BALTIMORE Euphydryas p. phaeton 3
  • QUESTION MARK Polygonia interrogationis 3
  • MOURNING CLOAK Nymphalis a. antiopa 6
  • MILBERT'S TORTOISE SHELL Nymphalis milberti 1
  • AMERICAN PAINTED LADY Vanessa virginiensis 24
  • PAINTED LADY Vanessa cadui 1
  • RED ADMIRAL Vanessa atalanta rubria 8
  • RED-SPOTTED PURPLE Limenitis arthemis astyanax 3
  • VICEROY Limenitis a. archippus 40
  • NORTHERN PEARLY EYE Lethe anthedon 13
  • EYED BROWN Lethe e.eurydice 3
  • APPALACHIAN EYED BROWN Lethe appalachia 1
  • LITTLE WOOD SATYR Megisto cymela 342
  • COMMON WOOD NYMPH Cercyonis pegala 75
  • MONARCH Danaus plexippus 59
  • SILVER-SPOTTED SKIPPER Epargyreus clarus 58
  • SOUTHERN CLOUDY WING Thorybes bathylus 16
  • NORTHERN CLOUDY WING Thorybes pylades 32
  • COLUMBINE DUSKY WING Erynnis lucilius 1
  • WILD INDIGO DUSKY WING Erynnis baptisiae 1
  • LEAST SKIPPER Ancyloxypha numitor 38
  • EUROPEAN SKIPPER Thymelicus lineola 1001
  • PECK'S SKIPPER Polites peckius 10
  • TAWNY-EDGED SKIPPER Polites themistocles 6
  • CROSS-LINE SKIPPER Polites origenes 12
  • LONG DASH Polites m. mystic 7
  • NORTHERN BROKEN DASH Wallengrenia egeremet 25
  • LITTLE GLASSY WING Pompeius verna 30
  • DELAWARE SKIPPER Atrytone l. logan 4
  • HOBOMOK SKIPPER Poanes hobomok 68
  • BLACK DASH Euphyes c. conspicua 1
  • DUN SKIPPER Euphyes vestris 3
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