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Giant Swallowtail butterfly  


2003 Windsor Butterfly Count

In 2003 twenty-eight participants found 1,366 butterflies of 44 species. The Ojibway Prairie Complex received the majority of coverage. Sites visited by counters included Spring Garden Natural Area, Tallgrass Prairie Heritage Park, Ojibway Park, Black Oak Heritage Park, Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve, Brunet Park, Fairplay Woods and McCaliffe C.A. The count was hosted by the Ojibway Nature Centre. The Friends of Ojibway Prairie sponsored a picnic lunch and Pepsi provided refreshments.

The weather on count day was poor for butterfly watching with cloudy conditions and rain in the morning. The number of total individuals was well below average (51.5 per party-hour). The cold wet weather in May had an impact on butterfly numbers by delaying the flight season of mid-summer species (but extending the flight season of early summer species). 67 species have been recorded over the past ten butterfly counts.  


2003 NABC Participants:

Gordon Barnett, Maurice Bottos, Denise Bourgeois, Margaret Calder, Heather Anne Campbell, Karen Cedar, Ed Columbo, Mark Conlon, Paul DesJardins, Kristen Fawdry, Shirley Grondin, Tom Hanrahan, Barbara Hayes, Ben & Brenda Kulon, Jeff Larson, Betty Learmouth, Yunhui Lee, Phil & Judy Owen, Colleen Parks, Paul Pratt, Tom Preney, Neena Roumell, Ken Thorne, Ian Woodfield.


RESULTS for July 5, 2003

PAPILIONIDAE: Swallowtails

  • BLACK SWALLOWTAIL Papilio polyxenus asterius    5
  • GIANT SWALLOWTAIL Papilio cresphontes    4 (record high)
  • EASTERN TIGER SWALLOWTAIL Papilio glaucus    23
  • SPICEBUSH SWALLOWTAIL Papilio troilus    3
  • SWALLOWTAIL SPECIESPapilio sp.    1
PIERIDAE: Whites and Sulphurs
  • CABBAGE BUTTERFLY Pieris rapae    195
  • CLOUDED SULPHUR Colias philodice    4 (record low)
  • ORANGE SULPHUR (ALFALFA BUTTERFLY) Colias eurytheme    6 (low)
LYCAENIDAE: Hairstreaks and Blues
  • BRONZE COPPER Lycaena hyllus    (count week)
  • CORAL HAIRSTREAK Satyrium titus    4
  • ACADIAN HAIRSTREAK Satyrium acadica    13
  • EDWARDS' HAIRSTREAK Satyrium edwardsii     1
  • BANDED HAIRSTREAK Satyrium calanus falacer    8
  • HAIRSTREAK SPECIES Satyrium sp.    1
  • EASTERN TAILED-BLUE Everes c. comyntas    8
  • SUMMER AZURE Celastrina neglecta    38 (high)
  • GREAT SPANGLED FRITILLARY Speyeria c. cybele    7 (record low)
  • SILVERY CHECKERSPOT Chlosyne nycteis nycteis    13
  • PEARL CRESCENT Phyciodes tharos    40 (high)
  • NORTHERN PEARL CRESCENT Phyciodes cocyta    26
  • crescent species Phycoides sp.    11
  • QUESTION MARK Polygonia interrogationis    2
  • MOURNING CLOAK Nymphalis a. antiopa    1
  • AMERICAN PAINTED LADY Vanessa virginiensis    16
  • RED ADMIRAL Vanessa atalanta rubria    16
  • VICEROY Limenitis a. archippus    21
  • NORTHERN PEARLY EYE Lethe anthedon    9
  • EYED BROWN Lethe e.eurydice    5
  • APPALACHIAN EYED BROWN Lethe appalachia    5
  • EYED BROWN SPECIESLethe sp.    1
  • LITTLE WOOD SATYR Megisto cymela    397 (record high)
  • COMMON WOOD NYMPH Cercyonis pegala    35 (record low)
  • MONARCH Danaus plexippus    7
  • SILVER-SPOTTED SKIPPER Epargyreus clarus    15 (record low)
  • SOUTHERN CLOUDY WING Achalarus lyciades    2
  • NORTHERN CLOUDY WING Thorybes pylades    11
  • LEAST SKIPPER Ancyloxypha numitor    37
  • EUROPEAN SKIPPER Thymelicus lineola    180
  • PECK'S SKIPPER Polites peckius    5
  • TAWNY-EDGED SKIPPER Polites themistocles    2
  • CROSSLINE SKIPPER Polites origenes    7
  • LONG DASH Polites m. mystic    1 (record low)
  • NORTHERN BROKEN DASH Wallengrenia egeremet    84
  • LITTLE GLASSY WING Pompeius verna    14
  • DELAWARE SKIPPER Atrytone l. logan    14
  • MULBERRY WING SKIPPER Poanes massasoit    1
  • HOBOMOK SKIPPER Poanes hobomok    50 (high)
  • BLACK DASH Euphyes conspicua    1
  • DUN SKIPPER Euphyes vestris    2
  • skipper species     14

Two Monarch caterpillars were also found during the count.

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