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Tallgrass Prairie Heritage Park

Slender Bush-clover

Adjacent to Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve is Tallgrass Prairie Heritage Park. Slender Bush Clover was found here in 1977. At that time Slender Bush Clover was thought to be extirpated in Canada. The only other record of the species was by botanist John Macoun in an 1892 collection from Leamington. Another rare prairie wildflower, Tall Green Milkeed, is currently unknown elsewhere in Canada. Other wildflowers such as ladies' tresses orchids and Fringed Gentian bloom profusely at this site.

Eastern Fox Snake Several rare and unusual animals inhabit Tallgrass Prairie Heritage Park. Near the picturesque ponds, one might find the Double-striped Bluet and Pronghorn Clubtail dragonflies. Provincially rare butterflies which can be seen visiting prairie wildflowers include the Southern Cloudy wing and Wild Indigo Dusky Wing. The Red-bellied Snake, Butler's Garter Snake and Eastern Fox Snake are common park reptiles.

Tallgrass Prairie Heritage Park was created in 1990 as a cooperative natural heritage protection project of the Carolinian Canada Program. Acquisition of the park was made possible through the generous financial assistance of The Ontario Heritage Foundation, Wildlife Habitat Canada, The Nature Conservancy of Canada, Windsor Essex Community Foundation, John & Olga Partyka and the City of Windsor.

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