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Buckeye butterfly 
N. Am. Butterfly Assoc.

Giant Swallowtail butterfly  

Rondeau Prov. Pk.
July 13, 2008
Emily Slavik, emily.slavik@ontario.ca

Pelee Island
Aug 2, 2008
Bob Bowles, rbowles@rogers.com

Point Pelee Nat. Park
August 9, 2008
Sarah Rupert, sarah_rupert@pch.gc.ca
519-322-5700 ext 13


2008 Windsor Butterfly Count

Edward's Hairstreak, Spring Garden Natural Area

Butterfly counts are carried out in a similar fashion to Christmas Bird Counts using a count circle fifteen miles (24 km) in diameter. Counts are sponsored by the North American Butterfly Association (NABA). Windsor's count circle includes Windsor, LaSalle, the lower portion of the Canard River, McGregor, Maidstone and Tecumseh. Field observers pay a small fee to participate and attempt to identify and count every individual butterfly encountered. Garden watchers, backyard observers and children under 12 can take part for free.

For a list of butterflies and moths recorded at Ojibway see: Lepidoptera of Ojibway

Join us for the sixteenth count on Saturday, July 4, 2009.



In 2008 twenty-nine participants found 1,634 butterflies of 48 species. The Ojibway Prairie Complex received the majority of coverage. Sites visited by counters included Spring Garden Natural Area, Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve, and LaSalle. The count was hosted by the Ojibway Nature Centre and The Friends of Ojibway Prairie sponsored a picnic lunch and refreshments.

New high counts were set for Spicebush Swallowtail, American Copper and Hickory Hairstreak. 67 species (plus 2 count period) have been recorded over the fifteen butterfly counts.

For a list of over 300 species of butterflies and moths recorded at Ojibway see Lepidoptera of Ojibway. (140Kb PDF file)  


2007 NABC Participants:

Sandy Benvenuto, Trisha Bezaire, Shane Butnari, Margaret Calder, Karen Cedar, Gerry Clements, Sue Cullen, Paul DesJardins, Kristen Fawdry, Steve Greidanus, Brenda Kulon, Jeff Larson. Bob Makar, Anne Muir, Ron Muir, Ken Newman, Jacques Nicoletti, Janet Norsworthy, Larry Onysko, Paul Pratt, Lisa Sims, Amy Tesolin, Ian Woodfield, Bill Ziehler.


RESULTS for July 5, 2008

PAPILIONIDAE: Swallowtails

  • BLACK SWALLOWTAIL Papilio polyxenus asterius    3
  • EASTERN TIGER SWALLOWTAIL Papilio glaucus    25
  • SPICEBUSH SWALLOWTAIL Papilio troilus    13
PIERIDAE: Whites and Sulphurs
  • CABBAGE BUTTERFLY Pieris rapae    250
  • CLOUDED SULPHUR Colias philodice    25
  • ORANGE SULPHUR (ALFALFA BUTTERFLY) Colias eurytheme    12
LYCAENIDAE: Hairstreaks and Blues
  • AMERICAN COPPER Lycaena phlaeas    22
  • CORAL HAIRSTREAK Satyrium titus    16
  • ACADIAN HAIRSTREAK Satyrium acadica    10
  • EDWARDS' HAIRSTREAK Satyrium edwardsii     39
  • BANDED HAIRSTREAK Satyrium calanus falacer    25
  • HICKORY HAIRSTREAK Satyrium caryaevorum    91
  • STRIPED HAIRSTREAK Satyrium liparops    6
  • EASTERN TAILED-BLUE Everes c. comyntas    34
  • SUMMER AZURE Celastrina neglecta    12
  • GREAT SPANGLED FRITILLARY Speyeria c. cybele    58
  • SILVERY CHECKERSPOT Chlosyne nycteis nycteis    39
  • PEARL CRESCENT Phyciodes tharos    6
  • NORTHERN PEARL CRESCENT Phyciodes cocyta    18
  •   crescent species Phycoides sp.    12
  • QUESTION MARK Polygonia interrogationis    3
  • EASTERN COMMA Polygonia comma    8
  • MOURNING CLOAK Nymphalis a. antiopa    40
  • AMERICAN LADY Vanessa virginiensis    1
  • PAINTED LADY Vanessa cardui    1
  • RED ADMIRAL Vanessa atalanta rubria    5
  • RED_SPOTTED PURPLE Limenitis arthemis    7
  • VICEROY Limenitis a. archippus    12
  • NORTHERN PEARLY EYE Lethe anthedon    12
  • EYED BROWN Lethe e.eurydice    11
  • APPALACHIAN EYED BROWN Lethe appalachia    6
  •   eyed brown species Lethe species    1
  • LITTLE WOOD SATYR Megisto cymela    226
  • COMMON WOOD NYMPH Cercyonis pegala    112
  • MONARCH Danaus plexippus    16
  • SILVER-SPOTTED SKIPPER Epargyreus clarus    109
  • SOUTHERN CLOUDY WING Achalarus lyciades    8
  • NORTHERN CLOUDY WING Thorybes pylades    15
  • WILD INDIGO DUSKY WING Erynnis baptisiae    2
  • COMMON SOOTYWING Pholisora catullus    2
  • LEAST SKIPPER Ancyloxypha numitor    23
  • EUROPEAN SKIPPER Thymelicus lineola    85
  • TAWNY-EDGED SKIPPER Polites themistocles    2
  • CROSSLINE SKIPPER Polites origenes    17
  • NORTHERN BROKEN DASH Wallengrenia egeremet    87
  • LITTLE GLASSY WING Pompeius verna    47
  • DELAWARE SKIPPER Atrytone l. logan    24
  • MULBERRY WING Poanes massasoit    1
  • HOBOMOK SKIPPER Poanes hobomok    6
  • DUN SKIPPER Euphyes vestris    16

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