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Buckeye butterfly 
N. Am. Butterfly Assoc.

Giant Swallowtail butterfly  


2009 Windsor Butterfly Count

Edward's Hairstreak, Spring Garden Natural Area

Butterfly counts are carried out in a similar fashion to Christmas Bird Counts using a count circle fifteen miles (24 km) in diameter. Counts are sponsored by the North American Butterfly Association (NABA). Windsor's count circle includes Windsor, LaSalle, the lower portion of the Canard River, McGregor, Maidstone and Tecumseh. Field observers pay a small fee to participate and attempt to identify and count every individual butterfly encountered. Garden watchers, backyard observers and children under 12 can take part for free.

For a list of butterflies and moths recorded at Ojibway see: Lepidoptera of Ojibway



In 2009 fourteen participants found 1,154 butterflies of 47 species. The Ojibway Prairie Complex received the majority of coverage. Sites visited by counters included Spring Garden Natural Area, Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve, and LaSalle. The count was hosted by the Ojibway Nature Centre and The Friends of Ojibway Prairie sponsored a picnic lunch and refreshments.

Northern Oak Hairstreak was new for the count (1 prior reecord for count week). 68 species (plus 1 count period) have been recorded over the sixteen butterfly counts.

For a list of over 300 species of butterflies and moths recorded at Ojibway see Lepidoptera of Ojibway. (140Kb PDF file)  


1. Windsor, ON. 4214'N, 8258'W, 04 July 2009; 0830-1630 hrs; sun AM 10%, PM 10%; 65-75F; wind 0-6 mi/hr.
14 observers in 3 parties. Total party-hours 13.5; total party-miles on foot 15.

Observers: M. Calder, K. Cedar, P. DesJardins, S. Greidanus, S. Grondin, J. Larson, B. Learmouth, K. Lesperance, K. Newman, L. Onysko, P. Pratt , P. Renaud, B. Ross, I. Woodfield.

Black Swallowtail 1, E. Tiger Sw. 4, Spicebush Sw. 3, Cabbage White 46, Clouded Sulphur 22, Orange Su. 22, Coral Hairstreak 8, Acadian Ha. 1, Edwards' Ha. 19, Banded Ha. 14, Hickory Ha. 141, Striped Ha. 15, 1'Northern' Oak Ha. 1, E. Tailed-Blue 30, 'Summer' Spring Azure 6, Gr. Spangled Fritillary 24, Silvery Checkerspot 32, Pearl Crescent 8, N. Cr. 5, Question Mark 2, E. Comma 5, Mourning Cloak 9, Am. Lady 1, Red-spotted Purple 1, Viceroy 14, N. Pearly-eye 19, Eyed Brown 1, Appalachian Brown 6, Little Wood-Satyr 193, Com. Wood-Nymph 87, Monarch 6,

Silver-spotted Skipper 32, S. Cloudywing 4, N. Cl. 8, Columbine Duskywing 1, Wild Indigo Du. 2, Least Sk. 12, European Sk. 161, Peck's Sk. 4, Tawny-edged Sk. 10, Crossline Sk. 7, N. Broken-Dash 87, Little Glassywing 38, Delaware Sk. 15, Hobomok Sk. 20, Black Da. 1, Dun Sk. 1.

Unidentified: grass-skippers 4, Phyciodes 1.

Total 47 species, 1154 individuals.

Field Notes: Giant Swallowtail seen on July 5, but missed on count day.

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